About Richard Gayle

This the personal blog of Richard Gayle. I also write other ones. In particular my new venture, SpreadingScience, has a blog.

I am a biochemist with 30 years of lab experience in biotech both at universities and in industry. I worked for 16 years at Immunex, leaving when it was bought out by Amgen. I wrote a blog entitled ‘Living Code’ that was written up in Forbes as the 3rd best online medical blog in 2003. I just recently left a small startup, Etubics Corporation, where I had worked as the VP, Research sine 2003.

I created the first web pages at Immunex and managed the intranet there, while still overseeing bench-work. I created what would be called a weblog for the Immunex Intranet in the mid-90s, in an attempt to increase the usage of the intranet. You can read some of the things I wrote (I can’t guarantee all the links work).

I continue to bring new technologies to biotech research organizations. It is the only way we can overcome the huge information glut now being produced by cutting edge science.