Tournament of Champions is best cooking competititon

TOC is well done as it requires great chefs to be creative. And competitive. But just like basketball, random factors can allow for big upsets.

Why “Guy’s Ranch Kitchen” is the best cooking “competition” show on television – Lawyers, Guns & Money:

I watched Dancing with the Stars until I came to the realization that I really only enjoyed the show when they essentially cast ringers to dance with the professionals. Gymnasts, skaters, singers (who often have to dance in their videos or on tour). They already had a lot of the basics down or–at the very least– had an innate grace. What it boils down to this: I didn’t want watch people dance poorly, I wanted to watch them dance really well!


I’ll have to give Gut’s Ranch Kitchen a try. One of the things I like about TOC is the behind the scenes stuff with the competitors. You can see just how seriously they take this, as the competition is head-to-head with blind judging.

Several chefs the first year did not take it really seriously. They do now whcih makes it fun to watch. They do not know the ingredients beforehand. It requires a wide knowledge with the ability to work under pressure.

And finally we have a format that allows women to do better. The chefs do not know who the judges are, so no playing to their tastes. And the judges do not know who the chefs are. So many biases are left behind.

And then we see how good female chefs are. When the judges do not know who cooked what, they seem to really like women.

Some people are mud Fieri fans but I love him. He has worked really hard to create a cooking competition empire.

[Image: Krista]