Elon does not realize how stupid he is

Musk exhibits his hubris in so many ways.

Elon Musk Demonstrates How Little He Understands About Content Moderation | Techdirt:

Lots of talk yesterday as Elon Musk made a hostile takeover bid for all of Twitter. This was always a possibility, and one that we discussed before in looking at how little Musk seemed to understand about free speech. But soon after the bid was made public, Musk went on stage at TED to be interviewed by Chris Anderson and spoke more about his thoughts on Twitter and content moderation.


Musk has been promising a self-driving car for more than half a decade. It is not hear becasue he simply did not understand how complex it is. He acted as though the experts who disagreed with him were the idiots.

‘He continues to take complex things and act like they are simply. Self-driving cars. Trips to the moon.

And now social media. He acts like these companies have not been trying to do moderation right. They tried unmoderated. It dows not work and people leave because they do not like the communities that lack of moderation creates.

The world Elon wants, one so many libertarians crave, cannot exist because it does not recognize the complexity of humanity. It acts as though humans are very simply creatures and ignores the years of evidence they are not.

[Image: DonkeyHotey]