Natural immunity sucks

Anyone who understands coronaviruses knows ‘natural; immunity is a farce.

Omicron is trouncing the argument for “natural immunity” to COVID | Ars Technica:

So-called “natural immunity” against COVID-19 has always been a dodgy argument for avoiding vaccination during the pandemic. But amid omicron, natural immunity is clearly rubbish.


We get colds caused by some coronaviruses all the time because our immune system forgets about them. This is because these viruses have evolved a myriad of suppression systems to prevent the immune system from developing the long term memory responses needed. Without a strong memory response, we lose any real ability to generate a secondary immune response. We get reinfected ted as if we had never seen it before.

We need strong T-cell responses as well as cell0mediated to generate the strongest memory responses. Natural infection by the SARS CoV2 sees a weak response. The virus suppresses a strong immune response.

So, not surprisingly, we nows see that the omicron variant grows like wildfire in people who display ‘natural’ immunity. You need a vaccination, which we now know generates a very storing T-cell and memory cell response. 

The only way forward is vaccination. Natural immunity is a fraud.

Image:[Sasha India]