Fauci and I agree

We are due a break.

Fauci Doesn’t See New Surge In Coronavirus Infections:

Dr. Anthony Fauci predicted an “uptick” in coronavirus infections similar to the current increase in Europe, despite the current decline in cases, hospitalizations and deaths in the United States, the New York Times reports.

While anticipating a new rise, Fauci said that at this time he does not expect a surge


I’d kinda agree. The US actually has a large number of vaccinated people which should keep most of the hospitals from becoming overcrowded. 82% of those older than 5 have at least 1 dose. 70% have had 2 doses and are fully vaccinated. This means large numbers of children are now vaccianted. We drop to about 50% for boosters only because that is a more recent change.

This won’t be enough to stop the spread of the newest variant and there will be economic effects as people stay home from work but I’m hopeful that we won’t need the lockdowns like China.

China used vaccines that do not appear to be as effective or as long lasting. Fingers crossed.

[Image:Alexander Gernhardt]

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