Nasty and designed to kill people

Kamikaze implies they do not expect it to return.

Russia attacks Ukrainian capital with Kalashnikov kamikaze drones:

One of Russian killer drones was shot down in the Podil neighborhood in Kyiv on Saturday.

The light Unmanned Aerial System shot down was a kind of kamikaze drone known as KUB. The small UAS is developed by Russia’s most famous gun manufacturer Kalashnikov subsidiary ZALA Aero. It is designed to have a maximum speed of about 80 miles per hour, an endurance of 30 minutes, and an explosive payload of 7 pounds against “remote ground targets.”


The drone is designed to dive at high speed and deliver its payload as it hits the ground. 

So the payload is an explosive plastic filled with ball bearings that would decimate anyone nearby. For this to be used in a civilian area indicates they want to kill civilians and horribly maim others.

Typical that a Russian drone is designed to be used once and to kill people. Here is a video about it.