Will money-laundering bring Trump down?

Money-laundering is going to be a focus of the DOJ. Bad news for Trump.

DOJ Fleshes Out Aims of Its Anti-Oligarch ‘KleptoCapture’ Task Force:

The Justice Department will focus on financial institutions and other entities that have helped Russian oligarchs move money and evade U.S. sanctions or continued to work with them, a senior Justice Department official said Friday, providing some details on the KleptoCapture task force the Biden administration announced last week.


Lots of rumors that Trump was/is heavily involved in Russian money laundering. Lots of funky real estate deals. It would be much harder to make it seem like it is a political attack. Putin is so hated by Americans now that helping him launder money is not going to be a good look.

If played right, I hope the DOJ finds aways to connect him to illegal money laundering. I mean, Trump needs that money for the new airplane.

[Image: Jernej Furman]