Some people appearing on Hannity are not traitors

Amazing how many Republicans want to undermine the United States. Makes one wonder how much Putin is paying them?

Opinion | Fox News reporter Jennifer Griffin’s schooling of Sean Hannity on Ukraine veers into dark territory – The Washington Post:

A virulent claim is circulating in right-wing media and among some Republicans: The United States might be working on biolabs in Ukraine. This assertion, which echoes Russian propaganda and implies that the United States and Ukraine are collaborating on something nefarious and dangerous, has been sharply refuted by Biden officials and independent experts.


Good for Jennifer Griffin for pushing back. We have been cleaning up Soviet-era labs that the Russians left behind. We have been shutting them down over the last decade.

So why do Russians act like we are working on making them active? They would rather underpin the United States to maintain their own [power.

[Image: Library of Congress]