Different kinds of fools

Some fools are just stupid.

How I Found Sympathy for COVID Skeptics – The Atlantic:

The call is one we’ve been expecting, so when it comes we’re jolted but not surprised. It’s from my wife’s sister, who lives in Arizona. She and her husband are both proudly unvaccinated—predictably enough, since their chief sources of information are Fox News and social media. They’ve believed from the beginning that the coronavirus has been overblown by mainstream media, and that doctors are in on it because they somehow get paid more when they record the death of somebody who died in, say, a car accident as having been caused by COVID‑19, though how exactly that would work, my relatives don’t explain. For them, the vaccines are not about public health so much as personal freedom. My body, my choice, and they’ve made theirs.


There is a big difference between the fools in this article and unvaccinated fools – the latter are just plain stupid. The Basic Laws of Human Stupidity by Carlo Cipolla defines stupid people as those that hurt themselves and hurt others.

Someone taking DMSO instead of going to a doctor to find out they have cancer is just plain foolish. They really only hurt themselves.

Steve Jobs, spending 6 months taking herbal cures (6 months that pretty much made his pancreatic cancer s death sentence) was stupid. His foolishness deprived all of us. Who knows where we might be today?

Vaccine deniers are also stupid. If they were just foolish, no problem. But their foolishness leads to pure stupidity.

Many people cannot be vaccinated and they rely on the vast majority of people who are vaccinated to provide protection. The death of those people by COVID demonstrates the selfishly stupid attitude of anti-vaxxers.

In addition, they continue to put a burden on our hospital system with their illnesses. This makes it harder for people who need real healthcare through no fault of their own to be impacted.

Finally, by allowing the virus to still spread quite rapidly, they make it easier for new variants to appear and spread, affecting all of us.

People who refuse to get vaccinated, even though they can, are just plain stupid. This is why we get more upset with them than with someone who is just foolish.

[Image: NIAID]