We can fix climate change

He is exactly right, People will not change to fix climate change. Until they do.

Why Climate Change Is So Hard –
[Via  Mother Jones]

In the Washington Post today, Jamil Zaki asks a question:


Nothing chnages faster than a society ready for change. In the middle of behavior that will destroy us, we are also seeing the rise of behavior that will save it.

And a major change will not come by waiting for people to adjust to carbon neutral approaches. It will happen with the emergence of carbon negative technology.

If we can take carbon out of the atmosphere faster than we have added it, we can begin to let the Earth heal. And carbon extraction processes are win-win. we do not care at all if China is becoming carbon neutral we can suck their carbon out also.

The main thing holding us back is large amounts of cheap, green electricity. But, we are on the verge of using resources from space to build space-based solar satellites that can beam energy to the Earth that would never fall on our planet. Robotics and an exponential  economy, will get us there faster than we think.

We need more research focussed on this. Write your representatives.