AI is to be welcomed, not feared

Welcome the AI revolution. AI will lead us to an era of Free Labor, destroying the slave labor we see today

He may be right. If we do not change society. But I believe he is wrong. You simply cannot have a cultural environment able to support the  complexity of AI and robotics that otherwise looks just like todays – a wages-based, free market mixes socialist-capitalist one.

Concise Argument and Evidence That Steven Pinker is Wrong About How Good Things Are

I recommend reading this in its native typography at Concise Argument and Evidence That Steven Pinker is Wrong About How Good Things Are

As I covered in this earlier piece, despite having massive respect for Steven Pinker, and loving his latest book, Englightenment Now, I think he’s very, very wrong about the current state of America.


Most people today are wage slaves, unable to live without the money provided by often rent-seeking businessmen. AI would destroy things if this approach continued.

I beleive that instead of supporting an economy based on wage slavery, AI will actually lead to an economy based on Free Labor, where people work for themselves.

We have done this before and yet we have not. We have reorganized society several times in the last few centuries in order to successfully deal with new technologies. 

But this is a big one, every bit as huge as the shift from foragers to farmers 9000 years ago.Our previous societies have had to deal with distributing scarce resources in the most efficient way to succeed. That will not be the case in the coming Era.

And over the last few centuries we have moved from Free Labor where many people worked for themselves, to one where most are wage slaves, beholden to others to earn a living. That will change.

You cannot have an economy where few can afford to buy food, shelter or goods. And an authoritarian, top-down society cannot deal with the huge amount of complex data that an AI/robotics society requires.

AI will produce an economy where the cost for most everything drops to zero. We will have access to resources and energy  from space that are overwhelming in their abundance. It will be ab economy that distributes abundant resources not scarce.

No one will have to work to live. Cheap power, 3D printing of food, robotic building of houses will provide what we need. There will no longer be any economy based on these things which will be viewed as fundamental rights.

Where the economy will arise from are things that no AI can really do – human-human interaction. People will make things by hand and be able to sell them at a premium. There will still be restaurants where people can be served by humans, not robots. Music by humans will still be listened to live by other humans.

Like the organic movement today, there will still be a market for human produced food. 

AI/robotics will lift us to a new stage where few HAVE to work to live and many can use the time to produce items for others to use. AI/robotics will destroy the current society but force the creation of a new one that will find tremendous success.

It may well be horribly disruptive to make this transition. People will not easily mpve to this new state. But once we make the leap, things will be pretty nice..