The Mac mini Pro is just a part of the pro system

My take: It is part of a tethered pro system

When Apple’s Mac mini goes pro, will the pros line up for the Mac mini?
[Via MacDailyNews]

A Mac mini, with its relatively limited graphics power, doesn’t seem well-suited…


The Mac Mini houses upgradeable memory and a good fast drive. Then it links to an external GPU box that can be configured however the pro wants it, and is upgradeable.

And external box containing multiple drives for a RAID (upgradeable  of course). all attached to a 5K monitor.

So it becomes just like a stereo separates system but with Thunderbolt connections. Because Thunderbolt 3 is fast enough.

Then they can update the mini every so often without needing to redo graphics and storage. Same for other peripherals. 

Image: Jan Hammershaug