Reorganizing the workflow – Modular

Apple is doing something unusual here – instead of a software silo and a hardware silo and a developer silo and a user silo, it is putting all those people in one group. The Pro Workflow Team.

Matthew Panzarino Goes Behind-the-Scenes With Apple’s Pro Workflow Team
[Via Daring Fireball]

Matthew Panzarino got exclusive access to Apple’s pro hardware and tools group:

Now, it’s a year later and Apple has created a team inside the building that houses its pro products group. It’s called the Pro Workflow Team, and they haven’t talked about it publicly before today. The group is under John Ternus and works closely with the engineering organization. The bays that I’m taken to later to chat about Final Cut Pro, for instance, are a few doors away from the engineers tasked with making it run great on Apple hardware. […]


Here we now have almost immediate feedback from the user to the builder and back, across all the areas. Now, instead of the hardware designing based on tech specs, they can add what the user really needs – like access to many GPUs. When a user gets frustrated, they can tell the developers why. Often leading to a greater understanding from both of what is happening.

Modular. They have put together a modular group focused on the pro market. but they can use the same approach for the education market.

This way, they can adapt their organizational structure to whatever market they hope to succeed in. By making the organization itself modular.

Image: Lars Plougmann