The New Rules Are the Old Rules

The kids know this is existential war. They do not believe their opponents are fair-minded or balanced. They are breaking the “old Rules” by using older, more ancient approaches.

The Old Rules Don’t Apply Any More
[Via Balloon Juice]

I really, really hope that people are watching how the Parkland kids are just shredding the gun nuts and the right wing extremists, because it really is an object lesson in how to get things done. Again, it’s a long battle, and very little has changed legally, but laws always follow public attitudes.


They do know that the old rules apply – the rules of debate and rhetoric that have been taught for 2000 years. They know their opponents have no useful rhetoric. They know that the only tools their opponents have are logical fallacies that their debate training has prepared them for.

What the kids are showing is how trained, intelligent people can destroy the words of ideologues. Their opponents have been successful by being bullies. The kids disarm that tool and there is nothing left.

Image: DonkeyHotey