Trump – destroying national security, one day at a time

Since Don the Con tweeted confirmation this morning that he did give information to Russia, I guess he burned one friendly source of information regarding ISIS, making things much harder.

A senior European intelligence official tells The Associated Press that his country might stop sharing information with the United States if it confirms President Donald Trump shared classified details with Russian officials.

The official said Tuesday that doing so “could be a risk for our sources.”

The official spoke only on condition that neither he nor his country be identified, because he was not authorized to discuss the matter publicly.


And I expect this will break other lines of communication from other countries. The Russians got exactly what they wanted.

Seems like a clear violation of his oath of office a day after he abused that office. Both Clinton and Nixon were impeached with exactly those same two charges.

How in the world did McMaster, who was in the room, not know what had happened as it did, and try to stop the President? Or at least slow him down?

And why did someone as competent as McMaster  is supposed to be, not get the right people prepared for it all to be leaked? Over four days after and no one was ready for the leak.

Makes me wonder if McMaster is actually the source of these leaks, working from inside to do what is right.

Image: Gage Skidmore