The House relying on a fake news site for Cargo Cult Science

Misleading the American people for their own political purposes. That is the state of science practiced by the GOP. An inability to acknowledge facts coupled with a need  to  construct a false reality leads to the creation of Cargo Cult Worlds. That way leads to collapse and destruction. Nature always wins.

In the era of fake news, it is downright cringe-worthy when an ostensibly reliable source — a House of Representatives committee, for example — tweets out misleading information. In the era of rapidly increasing climate change, it’s also dangerous.

That’s what happened on Thursday, when the official, verified House Science Committee account spread an article based on bad science through their Twitter feed. Not only does the article peddle misinformation in order to deny the reality of climate change, but it was published by Breitbart news — which is notorious for its links to white nationalism, misogyny, and antisemitism. The site also has a long history of insistent climate change denial.

@BreitbartNews: Global Temperatures Plunge. Icy Silence from Climate Alarmists

 — @HouseScience


The House Committee on Science has now officially entered the land of charlatans. There are no data supporting a Global Temperature plunge. Cherry-picking data is the hallmark of liars and scammers. It is a rhetorical tool that distorts data for partisan reasons, not for describing reality. 

A media source that uses data to mislead is a media source that should be called out as a fake news outlet. Their goal is not to inform but to confuse a complex subject. They have an ulterior motive that does not include helping the public. Usually it includes helping the predators that hope to game the system.

Breitbart, and now the GOP-led Science committee (the majority controls the Twitter account), describe a model of the real world that is little different from believing that a cardboard replica of an airplane can fly. They should just rename the committee – the Committee of Cargo Cult Science.

Like the Coyote, these cultists hope that they can avoid the onrushing effects of climate change and by sheer belief stay safe.

But, like the Coyote, they will eventually fall to their doom. Because Nature always wins.

And we will all pay the same price as these GOP members of Congress abuse their authority. 

Here are the 22 GOP members who support the spreading of misleading and false information for their own political purposes, whose abeyance to a false narrative puts us all at risk. Our Cargo Cult Representatives

Lamar Smith, Texas
Frank D. Lucas, Oklahoma
F. James Sensenbrenner, Wisconsin
Dana Rohrabacher, California
Randy Neugebauer, Texas
Michael T. McCaul, Texas
Mo Brooks, Alabama
Randy Hultgren, Illinois
Bill Posey, Florida
Thomas Massie, Kentucky
Jim Bridenstine, Oklahoma
Randy Weber, Texas
John R. Moolenaar, Michigan
Steve Knight, California
Brian Babin, Texas
Bruce Westerman, Arkansas
Barbara Comstock, Virginia
Gary Palmer, Alabama
Barry Loudermilk, Georgia
Ralph Lee Abraham, Louisiana
Darin LaHood, Illinois
Warren Davidson, Ohio

Image: Flevio Ensiki