Trump inhabits a crazy Cargo Cult World

Recognizing climate change is happening is a step forward, I guess. But refusing to examine the reasons is crazy.

Trump’s views on climate change are a man-made disaster.
Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway said Tuesday that the GOP candidate believes that global warming is due to “shifts naturally occurring.”


Just a few years ago, those beholden to the fossil fuel indutry claimed the climate was not changing at all. Now these same people who led that misrepresentation can’t deny climate change. So they simply shoft the goal posts to  not being caused by humans.

Thus we see Trum, who once wrote that climate change was a Chinese hoax.

So he now acknowledges the world is warming but believes in some mystical, unknown process that is doing this, rather than being caused by humans.
He  has no evidence that this mystery process even exists. The only support comes from his own desperate wish that AGW is not true. Like many who live in their own reality, wishes are more important than facts

Feynmann described the process in a speech. As I wrote, he “discusses the sorts of magical thinking everyone wants to believe in but for which there is no evidence except our wishes.”

Cargo Cult worlds are based not on the real world but on lies. And the more facts presented, the more people will retreat into their illogical Cargo Cult World.

One that becomes less and less likely to be able to adapt to the complexity of Nature.

That path leads to social collapse and extinction. Living in a fantasy world is crazy. Being led by a crazy man would be catastrophic.

Image: Ken Banks

2 thoughts on “Trump inhabits a crazy Cargo Cult World

  1. Without regard to the dramatic impact of industrialization on the planet, how can you suggest that the climate doesn’t change as a result of natural processes?
    Ever hear of the Ice Age?…

    1. Except there is no natural process that fully explains the current temperature increase. That is the whole point. We know what caused the Ice Ages. We can model them quite well. When we use the same approach today, it does not match at all what is happening. When we include human activity, it matches quite well. To try and model the current warming without including human activity requires the presence of some unknown physical process.

      It also requires explaining how the huge release of greenhouse gases by humans does not do anything to increase global temperatures. Science is about creating models to explain the natural world. People beholden to fossil fuels, such as Trump and others, do not have such a model. It is not enough to just denigrate current models. They have to be able to replace the best scientific models with something that does a better job explaining the natural world.

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