A Market for Reusable Rockets? You bet.

How about moving all Earth’s polluting industries into space? Building solar space arrays to provide energy from the Sun that would never hit Earth? How about giving us access to more resources than the Earth holds?

These will all need low cost access to space. From reusable rockets.

Jeff Bezos opened the week right for Blue Origin when he announced the New Glenn, a 270-foot reusable rocket to take on the likes of SpaceX’s Falcon 9.


Low cost access to space will present opportunties that simply do not exist today because the launch costs are so high. It costs roughly $50,000,000 to build a single Falcon 9 which can get about 23,000 kg to LEO.

Musk ants to reuse essentially all parts of it 100 times, making the recurring costs that of fuel and refurbishment. This drops the amortized cost to get to orbit to around $25 a kg or about $11 a pound.

What happens when it costs about the same to send a pound into space as it does to send it FedEx?

I expect the first trillionaires will come from these investments.

Image: SpaceX