The War between Authority and Democracy happening now

We are in the middle of a new kind of war – one without a nation-state making the declaration. And, like the ones from 1941, 1860 and 1776, it is to determine just what sort society we are to have. Like those earlier ones, it is a battle between those for whom hierarchy and authority reign supreme and those who believe diverse, distributed and democratic approaches are best.

I started out as a moderate Republican, supporting Nixon and then Ford. I moved away when the conservative wing took over in 1980 and left for good with the revelations of Iran-Contra.

I have watched this party decay and turn back on its principles almost every year since. Now it has a candidate who openly spreads anti-semitic symbols and the words of white supremacists as he gives speeches that end with the American version of Hitler’s “Ein Volk. EIn Reich. Ein Führer.”

A candidate who hits virtually every one of the definitions of fascism. And the media treats this as though nothing out of the ordinary is going on. Some other Republicans are finally seeing the danger but too many others act like politicians did with the earlier fascists – they think they will be able to exert control. Power is more important than country.

Every day the black souled, short fingered vulgarian shows us more openly what sort of leader he is. Will enough of us recognize the historical implications of this election and work to prevent his ascension?

The lives of millions may hang on the answer to that question. This is a war critical to our future but it is being fought in ways unheard of in previous efforts. The use of information that drives adaptable responses is a critical difference, not how big or powerful military weapons are.

The future is about as clear cut as possible. The choice is devastatingly clear. Authority or democracy. “We will be one people, under one God, saluting one American flag.” or we will celebrate our diverse people, diverse (or no) gods and diver heritage.

Make the right choice.

Image: DonkeyHotey