The GOP fails to protect American citizens

Zika is already disrupting events and economies, as its long-term health effects continue to expand. And the GOP simply ignores it.

The first U.S. Zika related death was confirmed by health officials in San Juan, Puerto Rico. The man who was in his seventies died due to a rare Zika complication known as  Thrombocytopenic purpura, an autoimmune disorder in which the immune system attacks the blood cells known as platelets instead of the Zika virus – killing the host.

The Caribbean island has reported 683 confirmed cases of Zika, including 65 pregnant women with symptoms of the virus, according to the CDC.

Of the confirmed cases, five patients developed Guillain-Barre syndrome and were hospitalized. Zika first began spreading in Puerto Rico in December.


The health effects of Zika continue to grow as its range expands. It can cause paralysis and can be transmitted via sexual contact. It causes microcephaly when regnant women are infected.

It is helping to destroy the economy of Puerto Rico, while making Brazil even more worrisome for the Olympics.

Yet the GOP elite refuses to see the need for emergency funding. They are using this outbreak for their own political purposes, seeking to lower spending on other infectious diseases before paying for Zika.

They had no problem putting billions into supplemental fudning for their Iraq War, which may well have killed hundreds of thousands. But for needed funding that might save thousands, they balk.

I really think they simply have no humanity in them at all. 

Image: Tom