The ACLU agrees with me: FBI view destroys trust

One of the first things I started saying last week – The FBI hopes to set a precedent that will allow it to surreptitiously place its wiretapping hands on unlocked phones by using the update process.

ACLU: You can kiss trust in software updates goodbye if Apple’s forced to help the FBI 

[Via| Computerworld]

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) today filed an amicus brief with a California federal court, taking Apple’s side in the dispute about whether the company should be compelled to help the government access an iPhone.


The ACL brief states:

If the government’s interpretation of the law holds, not only could it force Apple to create the cryptographically signed software it seeks here, but it could force Apple to deliver similar signed software using Apple’s automatic-update infrastructure.

Using a man in the middle approach (probably with a StingRay device), the FBI could send a targeted message making it appear that the iPhone needs to be updated. Hitting “OK” would download a new operating system with the FBI controlling access.

Who would ever trust any notification again?

Image: Dave Newman