Telling scientific truths is often a path to grief

Spreading facts can make one a pariah. Not just journalists but anyone who tries to disseminate scientific information

Why reporting on health and science is a good way to lose friends and alienate people
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I was recently invited by Yale Law School’s Global Health Justice Program to talk about medicine and the media. I wanted to share the text here.

My focus was on why being a health journalist is an especially effective way to lose friends and alienate people. (It’s really an excuse to talk about some of the questions and themes in health journalism that I think a lot about.)


People do not generally like change. They want what they know to remain knowledge.

But science often works against this in the areas that matter most to people – their health.

Thus why so much science is disruptive and so many people fall into pseudoscience cults. A Cargo Cult World is always embraced because ti provides the comfort that real science seldom does.

Image: Praktyczny Przewodnik