The fans show NHL owners who runs things

A Guy Like Me 
[Via | The Players’ Tribune]

“Hey, John, can we talk for a second?”

I guess I should have known.

But I have absolutely no idea what’s coming.

I’m in the weight room, hanging out with the guys, when my GM asks me to take a walk. I’ve been gone for a couple of days — but now I’m back in Phoenix, at the Coyotes practice facility, catching up with the boys. We’re getting some stretches in, and passing around my new gloves.

My All-Star gloves.


This will make a great movie.

The NHL owners are even more Neanderthal than the NFL ones. Enforcers are not supposed to be going to the All-Star Game but John Scott did because the fans voted him in.

The NHL asked him not to go. They traded him and sent him to the minor leagues in Newfoundland, with 2 small daughter sand a pregnant wife with twins.

All apparently to keep him away from Nashville and the All-Star game.

Because having an enforcer at the NHL All Star game would somehow tarnish the sport.

But, as the article shows, he is much more than just an enforcer. He has a degree. He could be an engineer for GM somewhere if not in hockey. He is more than just a guy who bloodies other men.

The NHL tried to keep him away They failed.

He was the captain of the winning team. He scored 2 goals and when the NHL tried to have the fans vote for an MVP off a list that did not include him, they wrote him in.

MVP. and an enforcer.

And the fans showed the NHL who is the boss.

Image: David Kindler