On Facebook, Trump can post stuff no one else is allowed to utter

Donald Trump Can Post Hate Speech To Facebook, But You Can’t
[Via Fast Company]

Facebook has gone out of its way this year to clarify its hate speech policy, explaining in March that it aims to be consistent with the type of content it removes.

So why has the social network appeared to have made an exception for Donald Trump, who recently posted a video saying Muslims should be barred from entering the United States? Facebook has removed statements similar to Trump’s proposal in the past, according to employees. And the decision to let Trump’s post remain public was made by the highest levels of management.


Telling. If you repeat Trump’s words on Facebook, they will be removed as hate speech. But he is free to say them.

If you simply repost a Trump video and agree with it, Facebook will remove it, “with an explanation that it violated its Community Standards.”

Trump – violating Community Standards and getting away with it.

Image: DonkeyHotey