Google played hardball with Apple over Maps. And lost

Apple Maps used 3x more often than Google Maps on iOS, logs 5B requests per week
[Via AppleInsider]

It took Apple three years to do it, but Apple Maps is now the undeniable leader in iOS mapping, with a usage rate tripling that of its closest competitor Google Maps.


Google would not let Apple use turn-by-turn on the iOS version of Maps which was the default for Apple iOS devices. In addition, using Google’s databases in Maps helped Google but did little to help Siri become a stronger ‘voice’ for the user.

So, Apple bit the bullet and made the transition, causing Google to lose revenue as a side benefit. Maps has been updated a lot since then and is now my favorite choice over Google’s version.

And now we see that Apple Maps is used much, much more than the Google version. sweet revenge.

Image: Kārlis Dambrāns