Another company on the way to reusable rockets

Exclusive: Jeff Bezos speaks out on Blue Origin, SpaceX and space trips: ‘I can’t wait to go!’
[Via GeekWire]

Amazon’s billionaire founder, Jeff Bezos, says watching his Blue Origin rocket make a safe landing after flying into space rates as one of the greatest moments of his life, and he can’t wait to take a ride himself.

In an exclusive GeekWire interview, conducted on the morning after the New Shepard test mission, Bezos answered questions about what the flight means for Blue Origin, the space venture he founded … why he waited so long to start tweeting … and when the rest of us will get a suborbital space ride. He also stirred the pot in his rivalry with that other billionaire space geek, SpaceX founder Elon Musk.


Space-X has been getting all the media’s attention and Blue Origin was happy to let that happen. But now they have relanded a rocket that they shot to 100 km.

Blue Origin has taken a more round-about pproach – they have been focussed on sub-orbital flights to be followed by orbital launches later.

Someone is going to get reusable rockets working. Once that happens the price to get a pound into space could drop exponentially.

Image: Steve Jurvetson