Spots on Ceres even stranger

Ceres’ spots remain mysterious
[Via BBC News – Science & Environment]

The team behind Nasa’s Dawn mission to Ceres releases striking new images, but remains unable to explain the dwarf planet’s most intriguing mystery.


Some amazing new pictures do little to solve what those shiny white spots are. 


I’ve had fun with this before. Landing strip. Maybe a site for  monolith.

But what it really is remains elusive. Look at this picture of Ceres (a resolution of 400 m per pixel):


The crater is that large blob of green in the red background around 240º. Occator.

Now look at this one which gives insights into the mineral content of the surface:


Occator stands out now, as a light blue circle with a black spot in the center.

Right where the monolith is.

Image: Keith Breazeal