NewSpace may well create the economics of Star Trek in our near future

Trekonomics Teaser Clip: The Economic Problem Is Not Permanent…
[Via Grasping Reality with Both Hands: Economist Brad DeLong’s Fair, Balanced, and Reality-Based Semi-Daily Journal]

Manu Saadia, the author of the forthcoming book, Trekonomics, discusses the economic theories behind the creation of the Star Trek with J. Bradford DeLong, professor of Economics at UC Berkeley and former Deputy Assistant Secretary at the US Treasury. Inkshares’ Adam Gomolin is the moderator:

The economic problem is not the permanent problem of the human race…

The quote that I love:

“Could one conspicuously consume in the 23rd century?”
“What would be the point?

We are moving towards the economics actually depicted in Star Trek.They never complain about their paycheck. They walk up, push a button and their food is there. No money exchanging hands.

People are not scrounging for money in order to meet the basic necessities of life. wage slavery does not exist.

The abundance of resources in space will change everything. We are almost there.

Combine this with robotics and Moore’s law and we may well be entering a time when capitalism as we know it is defunct, that everyone has what amounts to a basic universal income.

It will not be easy but it is on the horizon.

Image: JD Hancock