We now know the truth of Trump from someone who was there

That time I helped Trump win the nomination
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This is an awkward story. The longer the Trump campaign rolls on the more it bothers me. Time to get this off my chest.

Our tale begins long ago in a simpler age. Phones had wires, MTV played music videos, and quality airlines offered seating in a non-smoking section.

In Southeast Texas, government teachers from several area schools hit on a brilliant idea. Bring students together for the day in a mock political convention. Civics and patriotism would come to life as young people simulated the process of selected a party’s Presidential nominee.

Seven or eight local schools participated, each sending a delegation of students from that semester’s government classes. Each school would act as a state delegation. There would be speeches, committees and so on. At the end of the day the delegates would select a nominee.

Organizers invited local print and TV journalists who would get a chance to fill space with an easy feel-good story. Principals and school board members made appearances. What a great opportunity to show off the best and brightest building character and preparing to take their place in our democracy.

It isn’t a party until somebody starts breaking stuff.


Please read the whole thing. It is a great story about a smart group of people creatively finding a way to gain power, even if it brought the Donald into politics.

Anyone who worked on a mock United Nations or watched the movie Election will love this personal story of what smart, adaptive students can do, finding distributed democratic ways to engage, even while dealing with poorly thought out processes from authoritarian hierarchies. 

The authoritarians won then but I do not expect them to win for much longer.

Image: Gage Skidmore