Autonomous cars could be the future of urban driving

Don’t Let Critics Detract From the Facts: Self-Driving Cars Are the Future
[Via Big Think]

The first injury accident involving a Google self-driving car was — surprise, surprise — the fault of an oblivious driver in the other vehicle. Self-driving technology offers a potential future where these sorts of incidents hardly ever occur.


Here is what I expect will be the prime place for self-driving cars  getting around in urban centers, most likely replacing buses. A fleet of cars that can be called at the touch of an app.

Why use a personal car and deal with parking and the frustrations of traffic when you can call a car to wherever you are to take you wherever you need to go? No need to find a bus stop that is blocks from where you want to go and then wait for it to arrive.

I expect these will be specially designed for rapid urban travel – small and lightweight.

Heck, instead of having public transportation by a fleet of busses, the city could provide a fleet of personal cars.

I bet traffic in a city center would move a lot easier. Wonder if anyone is looking at this idea?

Image: Archangel12