The medicine behind medical marijuana is equivocal. Should still be decriminalized.

Does medical marijuana work? The answer is (mostly) “no” and “we don’t know”
[Via Respectful Insolence]

My opinion about medical marijuana has been fairly consistent. First, the claims made by its advocates for it far exceed the evidence for its benefit, which is why I’ve referred to it as the “new herbalism.” Of course, it’s not really very new, but it is herbalism in that medical marijuana advocates make grandiose claims…


 large part of the medical marijuana push really has decriminalization. Non-violent users should not be sent to prison for years, costing tax payers large amounts of money with little to show for it but destroyed lives.

And it required some loosening of the restrictions just to do any studies to begin with. I’’d imagine that is why so much of the literature reflects poorly done studies.

For example, there is no medical standard for just what needs to be in high concentration in the drug and how much to use. It is coming from anecdotal descriptions.

Now perhaps we can get some real studies and figure out more what is happening. We still have the problem with any herbal remedy – standards.

But maybe we can separate some of the cures from the promises. Because the data are interesting enough to suggest something is going on here.

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