Our Jetson future is on its way

The Future of Transportation: Flying Cars, Hyperloop, and Virtual Worlds
[Via Singularity HUB]

Four revolutions in transportation are taking place this decade. This post is a look at how they will shape your life, your business and our world. In 2011, Peter Thiel famously said, “We wanted flying cars, instead we got 140 characters…”


Peter Diamandis discusses where transportation is going. It opens up some real possibilities if we can do this.

Because it could change everything.

What happens when no one has to own a car, when autonomous ones can be ‘ordered’ when needed? 

What happens when we can use virtual teleportation to place ourselves in the presence of others?

What happens when someone can live in LA but work in SF or in Las Vegas, which will be less than 30 minutes away? 

And what happens when aerial transports allow people to get to communities that have no roads?

Human communities are about to be tremendously disrupted. 

And, if we do it right, in a good way.

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