Never give up. Never surrender – Philae lives!

Things do come back to life.

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Philae’s ‘extraordinary’ opportunity
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Why the survival of the comet lander Philae could lead to discoveries that previous generations could only have imagined.


We have seen the LightSail cubesat resurrect itself and begin working.

But this is even more amazing. Philae was a small lander sent down to a comet (Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko) from the Rosetta craft. Instead of landing, it bounced and ended up a long way from where it was supposed to.

It ended up in a shadowy area which quickly drained its batteries. So it went into hibernation in November.

In March, Rosetta was sent commands to keep an ear out for any signals from the Philae lander.

Not only has Philae just spoken, but it also sent some data. And it has a lot more data in memory to send.

Hopefully it will be able to send a lot…

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