Now Airbus working on reusable rocket

Everybody wants one!

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Airbus details re-usable rocket idea
[Via BBC News – Science & Environment]

Airbus, which leads the production of Europe’s Ariane rocket, has developed a concept that could make future vehicles partially re-usable.


Every company recognizes that designing boosters that can be reused will be critical.

SpaceX is already well on the way. ULA has revealed plans for its reusable engine recovery plan.

Here Airbus, and thus Ariane, has its own design. It sounds very intriguing, using drone like approaches.

They hope to be “in a position to implement them somewhere between 2025 and 2030.”

Ten years before having a reusable rocket? SpaceX may have eaten their lunch by then.

We shall see.

Image: DLR German Aerospace Center

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