A possible new space startup in Seattle?

Something new in Seattle.

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Former Planetary Resources exec raises $3.1M for Booster, a secretive new transportation startup
[Via GeekWire]

Booster Fuels, a new Seattle-based startup led by a former Planetary Resources executive, has raised a $3.1 million funding round from Madrona Venture Group and other investors.

Frank Mycroft, previously the VP of Strategy at Redmond-based asteroid-mining company Planetary Resources, is CEO and co-founder of Booster. GeekWire discovered the company and the funding through an SEC filing. Mycroft confirmed the investment round, which also included participation from Planetary Resources co-founder Eric Anderson and other angel investors whom Mycroft described as “world class.”


Booster Fuels is in stealth mode now so we do not really know what it will be working on. But the backgrounds of the two men mentioned in the article is telling.

Frank Mycroft is a Vice-President at Planetary Resources, the asteroid mining company. He was a C-level executive at NewSpace Global, an information service dealing with…

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