I think CaseRails should fight for their trademark

Trademark lawyer to 3-man startup: hand over your domain—or else
[Via Ars Technica]Today is the deadline for Erik Dykema to decide whether or not he will fight for his company’s name.

Dykema and two co-founders created CaseRails more than two years ago. The Manhattan-based startup has just three people, all focused on creating and managing legal documents.

Two weeks ago, CaseRails started ramping up its marketing, increasing its advertising, and e-mailing attorneys who might be interested in its product. Not long after that outreach, Dykema got a phone call from Sanford Asman, a trademark lawyer who says his rights are being infringed by CaseRails.


Seems like a win-win to me.  They can represent themselves so there is no real need to pay lawyers. It is simply their own time.

But it should be seen as a marketing opportunity. This happened because they are expanding their reach and wanted more lawyers to know about their product.

Standing up in a case like this should be golden. They should pay for it out of their marketing money.

They now have millions that have been reached just through this article. Millions more will see them as this progresses.

They will have a high profile lawsuit,  that will continue to put their name out there as it moves forward.. If they lose, well, they change their name but their message and what the company does will likely have gotten seen by more people than their own marketing efforts.

And if they win, it becomes even a greater Mother Lode.

Fight. Fight. Fight.

Image: DonkeyHotey

2 thoughts on “I think CaseRails should fight for their trademark

  1. Thanks for your post!

    He hasn’t actually sued anyone yet (as far as we know), and we’re hoping that he’ll reconsider the strength of his case. That said, if he does come after us, we’re going to fight it and win!

    And, if you could use software that helps you generate legal documents, please check out https://caserails.com !

    1. Erik,

      Good to hear. This is using the Streisand effect for good. I’m sure we will hear more. You can be sure all my legal sector friends will hear about this.

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