NASA needs your help with draft Technology Roadmap

Now is your chance to help NASA define the future.

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NASA Unveils Latest Technology Roadmaps for Future Agency Needs
[Via NASA Breaking News]

NASA has released the agency’s 2015 technology roadmaps laying out the promising new technologies that will help NASA achieve its aeronautics, science and human exploration missions for the next 20 years, including the agency’s journey to Mars.


NASA needs our input and comments regarding its Technology Roadmap.

The draft 2015 NASA Technology Roadmaps expand and update the original 2012 roadmaps, providing extensive details about anticipated NASA mission capability and associated technology development needs. NASA believes sharing this document with the broader community will increase awareness, generate innovative solutions to provide the capabilities for space exploration and scientific discovery, and inspire others to get involved in America’s space program.

Lots of interesting ideas. From propulsion systems to nanotechnology. It closes on June 10, 2015.

Let’s help NASA create the future. 

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