Mars Travel Posters from Elon

Three great places to visit when traveling to Mars. Coming soon.

The Space Trade Association

SpaceX’s Mars travel posters make us want to explore the red planet
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SpaceX has released a few Mars travel posters in the same vein as NASA’s vintage exoplanet ones, and they’re making us sad we were born too early for space exploration. Valles Marineris the “land of Martian chasms and craters,” as the poster says, is…


I expect that some of us today may be able to make it to these destinations. And one of them may actually become the main destination point.

It may well be where humans begin their history of living on Mars

NewImageMost know that Phobos and Deimos are the moons of Mars, 9400 km and 23,000 km, respectively, above the planet.

NewImageAnd some will know about Olympus Mons, which sticks up over 22km, 3 times higher than Everest.

NewImageBut few will know about Valles Marineris, a…

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