Water, water everywhere. And much earlier than you think

Looks like water needed to sustain life could have been around much, much sooner than previously thought.

The Space Trade Association

Water was plentiful in the early universe
[Via EurekAlert! – Space and Planetary Science]

(American Friends of Tel Aviv University) New research from Tel Aviv University and Harvard University reveals that the universe’s first reservoirs of water may have formed much earlier than previously thought — less than a billion years after the Big Bang, when the universe was only 5 percent of its current age. The timing of the formation of water in the universe has important implications for the question of when life itself originated.


Water vapor could have formed very early because the universe (or the clouds that made up the early universe) were warmer than now.

A temperature about 80° F very efficiently allows the formation of water vapor – a condition that existed in the first billion years after the Big Bang.

While still theoretical, the implications could change a lot…

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