Space debris is an increasing threat

We will all have to help clean up space

The Space Trade Association

Space debris from satellite explosion increases collision risk for space craft
[Via EurekAlert! – Space and Planetary Science]

(University of Southampton) Debris from the US Defense Meteorological Satellite Program F13 satellite, which recently exploded in orbit, could pose a threat to other spacecraft and missions according to new research from the University of Southampton.


As we put more things into space, the more junk we have to deal with. As we saw with the movie ‘Gravity’ this can be really worrisome, even with the dramatics.

Here the researchers have modeled the debris band formed by the explosion of a satellite in February. The models show that this will be a band of debris that things we send into space will have to travel through.

This will only get worse. Perhaps this approach will help.

Or this one, putting gases in the way…

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