For those who want the details of HAVOC

Maybe we will go to Venus first.

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High Altitude Venus Operations Concept Trajectory Design, Modeling and Simulation
[Via New NASA STI]

Abstract: A trajectory design and analysis that describes aerocapture, entry, descent, and inflation of manned and unmanned High Altitude Venus Operation Concept (HAVOC) lighter-than-air missions is presented. Mission motivation, concept of operations, and notional entry vehicle designs are presented. The initial trajectory design space is analyzed and discussed before investigating specific trajectories that are deemed representative of a feasible Venus mission. Under the project assumptions, while th…


We wrote about this concept a few months ago. It might be possible to put a habitat high in the Venusian atmosphere where the temperatures and pressures are more workable.

Lots of stuff to think about. And for those that do, here is the paper. IN all its engineering detail.

Have fun.

Image: NASA

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