Blue Origin tests rocket successfully

Another company successfully tests a rocket that might one day land back on the launch pad.

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Blue Origin successfully tests ‘New Shepard’ suborbital rocket
[Via SpaceFlight Insider]

The incredibly-secretive rocket company, Blue Origin, released video on Wednesday, detailing a test flight of their “New Shepard” spacecraft. The test flight occurred on April 29, 2015. Details about the flight are extremely limited, but Blue Origin did release a video and several photographs of the flight. This most recent flight highlights a company that is rapidly coming to the fore.

This “First Flight”, as Blue Origin is calling it, took the craft to an altitude of 307,000 feet (93,574 meters). The launch was designed as a full up test of all of the capabilities of the New Shepard spacecraft. According to Bezos, “… if New Shepard had been a traditional expendable vehicle, this would have been a flawless first test flight.” As is the case with most testing programs, something did go wrong.

“Of course, one of our…

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