Maybe older engineers should look to NewSpace

64-year-old engineer sues Google for age discrimination

[Via Ars Technica]

A California man named Robert Heath has filed an age-discrimination lawsuit against Google in federal court, seeking to form a class action of workers who allege they were denied a chance to work at the search giant because of their age.

Heath was rejected by Google in 2011, despite the fact that he had “highly-pertinent qualifications and experience,” with a Google recruiter calling him a “great candidate,” according to the complaint (PDF). At the time, Heath was 60 years old.

The lawsuit claims that the median age of Google employees is 29 years old, well below the median age of all US workers, which US Department of Labor reports as 42.4 years. The median ages for US workers in computer-related fields are similar: for “computer and mathematical occupations” the median age is 41.1 years, for “computer programmers” it’s 42.8 years, and for software developers the median is 40.6 years.


It will be interesting to see if there actually is a class action lawsuit. The idea that only people under the age of 25 can work in Silicon Valley cuts off a huge percentage of people. It is one of the failings there that you really do not see in new industries, such as space.

The picture above is just one of many from control centers. Notice how many bald heads and gray beards. In fact, the youngest people appear to be minorities.

Space seems to use all its talent more. Silico Valley, not so much.

Image: NASA