Who knew Dextre was so handy?


CRS-5: Dextre grabs CATS from the belly of a Dragon
[Via NASASpaceFlight.com]

Canada’s multi-tasking robot, Dextre, successfully removed the CATS (Cloud-Aerosol Transport System) payload from the unpressurised trunk of the CRS-5/SpX-5 Dragon on Thursday morning. The payload was handed over to the Japanese Experiment Module, Kibo, marking the first “handover” between the Canadian robot and the JAXA arm.

Dextre letting the CATS out of the bag:

The latest SpaceX Dragon arrived at the orbital outpost on January 12, following her successful launch atop the Falcon 9 v1.1.

Following the berthing the spacecraft to her new home on Node 2, the crew began removing the array of supplies that included 490 kg (1,080 lb) of provisions and equipment for the crew, 717 kg (1,581 lb) of station hardware and 577 kg (1,272 lb) of scientific hardware carried within the pressurized section of the Dragon capsule.


One of the nice aspects of SpaceX’s Dragon capsule is the trunk, which can carry more supplies, even if the capsule is full of astronauts.

Dextre is a robot that will remove material from this trunk. Here it removed the CATS payload. But read the whole article.

Nothing is space is easy. Nice to see how well this works without the need for astronauts to suit up.