Technology is removing national borders

Bitcoin Wallpaper (2560x1600) 

Global Citizenship: Technology Is Rapidly Dissolving National Borders
[Via Singularity HUB]

Besides your passport, what really defines your nationality these days?

Is it where you were live? Where you work? The language you speak? The currency you use?

If it is, then we may see the idea of “nationality” quickly dissolve in the decades ahead. Language, currency and residency are rapidly being disrupted and dematerialized by technology.

Where you live, where you work…
Increasingly, technological developments will allow us to live and work almost anywhere on the planet… (and even beyond).

Soon, you’ll be able to live in the Greek Islands and work in Manhattan, London, and Los Angeles.


Interesting view on things. especially the point that Russia is changing rubes into bitcoins. We shall see where that goes.

It will become harder and harder for authoritarians to control.