Asking for data that does not exist and then crying fraud because it does not exist


Annals of Derp: Global whacking
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Storm blowing up! House troll duffandnonsense in comments has been touting a climate-science scandal that “eclipses even the so-called climategate event” according to its discoverer, a somewhat long-in-the-tooth graduate student (he got his BS in Plant and Soil Science in 1980) working on a PhD at the University of New Mexico, Mike Wallace, who is accusing Dr. Richard A. Feely of the Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory (PMEL) of fraud.

Though not, as far as I can tell, at his own website; he’s leaving that to the experts at American Thinker and the Arizona Daily Independent and WattsUpWithThat, and Marita Noon at the climate change denial website CFACT.

Feely, it seems, is responsible for the following graph, purporting to illustrate the increasing acidification of the oceans in tandem with an increase in atmospheric CO2 levels, referenced a couple of weeks ago at the San Francisco PBS affiliate science website Quest:


There is no data before 1988 because the site collecting the data did not exist before then. From 1988 they had “long-term time series observations done under controlled conditions at consistent locations.” Before then is a haphazard collection of data with little control for observations.

So, when requests for data from before 1988 returned “No such documents” the denalists call fraud.

Watching denialists try to do science can be painful.

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