The Asteroid Redirect Mission pushed back a little


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NASA Delays Asteroid Redirect Mission Concept Selection until 2015
[Via Planetary Society Blog]

NASA’s efforts to capture a near-Earth asteroid and tow it back to lunar orbit will have to wait a little bit longer for a final mission concept.


NASA hopes to got to an asteroid, grab either all or part of it, and take it to an orbit around the Moon. Then astronauts can visit a habitat near the Moon to examine the asteroid. They will work on understanding how to exploit the resources found in asteroid regolith.

A booming economy would be the result of these sorts of projects.

It looks like this delay will only be a couple of months. We could do this a little faster if NASA got some more money. The knowledge learned here would be extremely useful for moving elsewhere in the Solar System.

And for learning how to make what we need from materials in space rather than  from the Earth.