As long as we have a weak Legislatuve branch, crap like this will keep happening.

FBI Police: Emblem 

FBI secretly seeking legal power to hack any computer, anywhere
[Via Boing Boing]

The Bureau is seeking a rule-change from the Administrative Office of the US Courts that would give it the power to distribute malware, hack, and trick any computer, anywhere in the world, in the course of investigations; it’s the biggest expansion of FBI spying power in its history and they’re hoping to grab it without an act of Congress or any public scrutiny or debate.


This does not even matter the party in control of the Executive Branch. Both parties have leaders who love centralized, authoritarian power. We have elected Presidents from both parties who support centralized, authoritarian power.

hierarchical power is now self-sustaining in the US unless we do something about it.

But as long as we continue to allow hierarchical authority to keep Americans divided, we will do little and hierarchical authority will continue to expand in the Executive branch, no matter who is President.

It will only get fixed when the distributed democratic principles that have always saved America get fully engaged.