Hope this is true: iPad damaged by Antares explosion replaced by Apple

Apple replaces iPad Air that was destroyed by NASA Antares rocket shockwave
[Via MacDailyNews]

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This week, “NASA’s unmanned Antares rocket exploded at launch above Wallops Island, Virginia, on route to dropping off supplies at the International Space Station,” John Brownlee reports for Cult of Mac. “”

“A lesser casualty of that explosion? One rocket watcher’s iPad,” Brownlee reports. “It seemed like he was out of luck. However, after being prompted by his fellow Redditors to try bringing the iPad into the Genius bar to tell them ‘it landed in a swap because a spaceship exploded,’ [the iPad owner] found himself rewarded for his good faith.”

I just went to the Genius Bar and explained what happened. He called out the manager and the manager said ‘I think we’ve officially seen it all’ she then offered a free replacement but on 16GB instead of 64 which I had (not complaining). This is why I can’t leave Apple… It’s not a refurb either.


I put my iPad Air on the roof of my car and rove off, hearing iut fly off at 35 mph. I had Apple Care and they replaced it with no problem.

I assume if he had Apple Care they would have replaced that one with an equal model. That they did not suggests that this was a decision made by the manager, who knows that the benefits that accrue for being an Apple customer outweigh the cost.

Nice to see that store managers have enough freedom to find a nice way to replace such an unusually damaged one. It looks like it was a good decision, what with reddit and the internet hearing about it.