The web page for the merchants behind CurrentC makes me all warm and fuzzy

Home Depot Home Improvement Center Bristol CT 5/2014

Here is what is put at the top of the page, referring to “Our Story”:

Shaping the future of commerce.

Merchant Customer Exchange is the only merchant-owned mobile commerce network built to streamline the customer shopping experience across all major retail verticals.

I’d like to streamline a few of their verticals.

And it promises all sorts of wonderful things:

Protect and leverage valuable data to offer your customers better experiences and interactions throughout the path to purchase.

Integrate your loyalty programs and promotions to provide relevant experiences for your most valuable customers.

Streamline the customer experience at point of sale in-store and at customer service locations.

Just remember that CurrentC is made by merchants, for merchants. Your data is what they want. To send us more ads.

And that is made obvious at the CurrentC web page, where Paying is an afterthought behind Saving (getting to redeem special offers and coupons), and Earning ( getting rewards for loyalty).

And notice that paying does not mean by credit cards. They will take the money directly from your checking account, removing all the protections you have against fraud. No disputing a charge. Your money is already gone.

They are also kind enough to tell us that all the data is stored in the cloud, on their servers. So we have no control over all that data. 

But they do. And so does the government.

Looking at the companies involved. Every one of of the merchants with major data breaches recently – Target, Kmart, Home Depot and Michaels – will be using CurrentC instead of Apple Pay.

That makes me feel so much better.